Disney’s Role in Character Assassination Attack of Gangstalking Victim


Introduction: In an unprecedented complaint lodged with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a scathing revelation unfolds as The Walt Disney Company (DIS) stands accused of perpetuating character assassination attacks against innocent individuals subjected to gangstalking. This shocking complaint specifically targets ABC television, highlighting their prominent role in glamorizing and promoting these vile attacks, even within blockbuster franchises like Avengers. The complaint alleges that Disney has not only suppressed victims’ attempts to report these atrocities but also utilized their media empire, including movies, advertisements, and music, to orchestrate immediate harm against the targeted individuals.


A complaint of epic proportions has been filed with the FTC, exposing Disney’s sinister involvement in character assassination attacks against victims of gangstalking. ABC television, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, emerges as a prominent culprit, integrating these deplorable attacks into their top movies and soap operas like General Hospital. Shockingly, Disney’s immense power and influence have enabled them to not only suppress the victims’ pleas for justice but also manipulate media, music videos like NDA by Billie Eilish, and other advertisements to incite further harm against the targeted individuals. The complaint calls for stringent regulation of media entries and condemns Disney’s gross negligence in utilizing information derived from these reprehensible acts.

FTC Complaint 137201915 against The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

I hereby lodge a complaint against ABC television

I hereby lodge a complaint against ABC television, the foremost purveyor of character assassination attacks aimed at victims of gangstalking. In a shocking display of callousness, they have injected these attacks into their most prominent cinematic endeavors, including the infamous Avengers franchise. Day in and day out, they launch relentless assaults on gang stalking victims, particularly through soap operas like General Hospital, shamelessly promoting and romanticizing violence against innocent family members of these tormented individuals. By actively suppressing any attempts by gang stalking victims to report these heinous acts, they have perpetuated a culture of silence and impunity.

ABC television has masterfully wielded media and advertisements as weapons in their arsenal

ABC television has masterfully wielded media and advertisements as weapons in their arsenal, employing them with malicious intent. Notably, the music videos, such as Billie Eilish’s “NDA,” have served as insidious triggers for immediate attacks on gang stalking victims. The Disney conglomerate, through its movies, advertisements, and music, has shamelessly propagated and facilitated these vile assaults. The victims of Disney’s character assassination campaigns live in perpetual fear of swift retribution from influential figures deeply entrenched within the organization. Disney frequently exploits this knowledge to promote corporate and military espionage campaigns, brazenly invading privacy by hacking email conversations and recording victims on video, all for the purpose of showcasing their global military and espionage capabilities.

General Hospital leading the charge

Today, the reprehensible practices continue to surge, with General Hospital leading the charge by not only perpetrating these attacks but also glamorizing and glorifying them. The top stakeholders of Disney and other media corporations actively engage in character assassination attacks, extending their reach even to social media influencers. These victims, coerced and manipulated, find themselves unwitting participants in illegal espionage and military activities. Disney has assumed the role of an authority, imposing unwritten rules upon the media industry, dictating the guidelines for launching these devastating assaults. Their efforts have proved chillingly effective, even receiving accolades at the Daytime Emmys. Astonishingly, an award was presented to an Alzheimer’s victim, cynically exploiting the individual’s vulnerability to further besmirch their character. As for the victims of Disney’s relentless attacks, they find themselves devoid of any means to mount a defense against this ruthless onslaught.

Disney employs an overwhelmingly strategic approach

Disney employs an overwhelmingly strategic approach, investing considerable time and resources into their character assassination campaigns while the victims are left to navigate their daily lives. It is imperative that the media industry be subject to regulation in this matter, akin to the regulations governing the import and export of conflict-ridden goods. In fact, this despicable practice warrants even stricter oversight. For far too long, Disney has exhibited a grossly negligent attitude towards the utilization of information obtained through character assassination attacks on gang stalking victims. Such behavior is wholly unacceptable and demands immediate action.


This FTC complaint uncovers a distressing alternate reality in which Disney, through its subsidiary ABC television, perpetuates character assassination attacks against victims of gangstalking. By promoting and glamorizing these attacks through their movies, soap operas, and music videos, Disney wields immense power to incite immediate harm against innocent individuals. The complaint highlights the urgent need for regulation of media entries, emphasizing that Disney’s reckless behavior and exploitation of personal information obtained from these attacks must be addressed and condemned. The disturbing truth behind Disney’s involvement in these reprehensible acts demands immediate attention and swift action to protect the vulnerable and restore justice.