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  • A Business Plan for Resilience, Liberation and Justice

    A Business Plan for Resilience, Liberation and Justice

    In this story, the protagonist’s journey is one of unwavering determination and resilience. Despite the constant hurdles they face, they maintain a strong belief in their ability to overcome the perilous situation they find themselves in. As they strive for a business plan of resilience, liberation, and justice the protagonist stumbles upon an unexpected source…

  • Profitably Unleashing And Tracking Intrusive Thoughts In Money And Politics

    “Ever pondered the plausibility of transforming futuristic technology from the silver screen into tangible existence? The concept of profitably unleashing and tracking intrusive thoughts, akin to mesmerizing films such as “City of Lost Children,” “Strange Days,” “Limetown,” and the television masterpiece “Dollhouse,” may appear to be nothing more than imaginative science fiction. Nevertheless, cutting-edge technological…